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1. Does Parishath give memberships? If yes, what is the Membership Fee?

Yes. The only membership the Parishath offers right now is Life Membership, for which the fee is Rs 1,000.00. The Parishath recommends that all Life Members subscribe to the newsletter “Gamaka Dundubhi” by paying Rs 750.00 and make their friends and acquaintances also to seek subscription.

2. Is there any age restriction for becoming a member?

Although there is no age restriction prescribed, since it is a pursuit of art, membership can be held by all.


3. What pre-requirements one must have for learning Gamaka?

There are no stringent pre-requirements as such. However, one should ideally be able to grasp and sing kavyas and learn reading of kavyas. Generally, six years to sixty years, all are welcome to learn.

4. How can I participate in the Parishath activities?

Your participation in any way will be appreciated. You may contact the Parishath and express your interest. You will have some way of being part of the Parishath.

5. What kind of support does the Parishath accept?

You may support the Parishath through donations, sponsorships, organizing programs, and in other ways.

6. Does Parishath organize Gamaka Programs at private functions?

Yes. In fact, Parishath encourages people to arrange for Gamaka vaachana sessions at all their private family events. Parishath has so far given programs at many auspicious family events including occasions like Vaikunta Samaradhane.

7. Living outside Bengaluru, how will I involve in Parishath activities?

You can contact the President of the District Unit of your district or the central Parishath office in Bengaluru by phone. Your interest is always valued and appreciated.

8. Will I be allowed to run a Training Centre under the Parishath and give Gamaka classes?

If you are well trained in Gamaka Vaachana and the theory part of the Art, you are most welcome to run a Training Centre, which will be recognized and announced by the central Parishath.

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