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Inspire your dear and near ones to learn Gamaka. Save Gamaka.  Save Culture. 

Both OFFLINE & ONLINE classes offered.

CALL 91484 84146  |  99004 20525


To promote Gamaka globally as an art form at par with other forms of Literature and Arts


  • To organize stage performances, periodical conferences, workshops, competitions etc.

  • To conduct regular classes, training for teachers, propagation in schools and other institutions.

  • To attract and mentor fresh and young talents.

  • To publish Gamaka-related literature from time to time to promote Gamaka.

  • To tie up, coordinate and cooperate with other institutions to propagate the Art of Gamaka.

  • To seek help from governmental and non-governmental entitites and individuals to carry out the mission goals.

President Speaks…

Karnataka Gamaka Kala Parishat has turned 42 years. Incepted on 02 October 1982,  it has come a long way since then. However, the journey is endless and the distance ahead is quite long. 

Gamaka is a royal feast that can easily please the common man. Savoring Gamaka is a divine opportunity for those inclined towards literature and art. It is an unique Art that can enrich the culture of every individual in both literature and art. Therefore, it is imperative for every household, in order to enrich and refine its culture, to introduce itself to Gamaka, its artistic flavour, love for value laden literature of yester years, etc. When the individual families and institutions indulge in this, it becomes a a Yajna, a Sacrifice, that would publicise and promote Gamaka in a big way.

Technology is a tool that has virtually limitless power and potential. Use of technology, thus, is inevitable and beneficial in propagating the Art of Gamaka. Realizing this, the Parishat has opened itself to using technology in every possible way within the limits of its resources.

Now, Parishat has endeavored to refurbish its website giving it a new, improved and upgraded look, feel and purpose. This website is intended to be a platform for communicating the various activities, programs, planning and other promotional plans, so that the Gamaka fraternity world over can choose to participate in these activities.


This website is redesigned to be a visitor-friendly platform, paying attention to all aspects that can be thought of. However, it can never be said to have taken the best form. Hence, the Parishat intends to regularly modify/add features and improve the site from time to time. In order to help in this, it urges that more and more people regularly visit the site, make the best use of it, and more importantly, constantly suggest improvements. Suggestions for betterment are always most welcome.

It is Parishat's ardent belief that the younger generation volunteers will make this website more meaningful, useful and attractive. Young minds are more creative and lively. It is hoped that the youth will see the importance of their participation in this effort and join hands with the Parishat.

May Gamaka Flourish. May Gamaka Live Long.

Dr A V Prasanna
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